Oilfield IoT Consortium

A place for technology companies, service providers, equipment manufacturers and production companies to collaborate and help define a new common technology ecosystem that benefits all the members.

Who Are We?

The intent of this consortium is to allow for multiple stakeholders in the oil and gas industry to collaborate to help guide the creation of a common technology ecosystem that can be used throughout the industry.

This ecosystem uses concepts of open source, connectivity, collaboration, and scalable computing, while being designed, controlled, and maintained in a fashion that provides safety and security for oil and gas producers.



To create collaboration between oilfield stakeholders using standardized IoT technology.



We bring together a variety of companies and individual members to help create an open, standardized IoT ecosystem that reduces redundancy and increases the pace of innovation. ​This will create efficiencies and value for all stakeholders. ​



We are a value-driven technology consortium with special emphasis on fostering sharing, openness, collaboration, innovation, and cooperation among members.


Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to create and standardize an IoT ecosystem for the Oil and Gas Industry. We bring all the major stakeholders together to collaborate with each other using IoT technology. Together we will define the interfaces, build the system components pieces, add to a community maintained central registry, and evangelize the system.

We believe that the ideal ecosystem should:
  • Aggregate multiple devices to gain insight and perform more advanced control at site
  • Open the door to high frequency data sampling for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Natively support report by exception
  • Automatically discover new devices and their location
  • Reduce initial setup for any new device type
  • Make new applications and services easier to pilot
  • Reduce routine duplication at every level
  • Create collaboration between app, service, and hardware providers
  • Give device owners control of the apps and data
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Oilfield IoT Ecosystem

Oilfield IoT Consortium

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Member Benefits

All levels of Oilfield IoT members receive the following benefits:

  • Ability to network with other companies trying to solve the same problems
  • Access to platform design information ahead of general availability
  • Access to beta hardware and software provided by consortium members
  • Get priority for requested product feature enhancements and fixes from vendors
  • Get feedback from real technology consumers Immediate access to technical support and training from other members
  • Ability to participate in co-operative applied research projects
  • Receive our Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date with the latest happenings in Oilfield IoT

Cost of Membership

There is an annual $500USD membership fee that is used to  help fund the operations of the consortium. This includes  administration, marketing, communications, and events. Members in good standing will be able to participate in network  events, get access to technical information, and make use of  shared resources.

Annual fee is waived for Exploration &  Production Companies and not-for-profit  organizations.


Meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 9:00 AM MST. 


PTAC – Suite 400, 500 5th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta

Meetings are also held online via join.me. You can join the online meeting here.

Collaboration Initiatives

One of the most important parts of the consortium is to bring different stakeholders together to network, share ideas, and collaborate to create value. The following are some of the initiatives that help to create this collaboration.

Online Community
Online Community

The Oilfield IoT Consortium online community is a way for members to meet each other and discuss ideas, regardless of geographical location. Conversations are grouped by popular topics such as hardware interfaces, data modeling, application development, etc. and are open to multiple members to have a threaded conversation.

Events and Meetings
Meetings & Events

Meetings are hosted monthly for members to meet each other, exchange ideas, create and further initiatives, and set the direction of the consortium. Provided there is enough interest, the consortium will hold an annual summit to bring stakeholders together to share ideas, present successes, and set the future direction of the consortium.

Co-Working Space
Co-Working Space

With the help of member organizations, government, and other industry partners, a co-working space will be created that benefits all stakeholders. This includes shared lab space with common equipment, hardware from controls and sensor member companies, workspaces for entrepreneurs, real world simulated environments, and other interactive demonstrations.

Who Can Join?

Our consortium is limited to those who believe in a collaborative ecosystem and partnering with numerous other companies in an open fashion. Anyone that is part of the program must be committed to working towards the vision of leveraging a common platform to create an industry standard, which will drive down the costs of both hardware and software. The following are some example groups that are encouraged to join:

  • Exploration & Production Companies
  • Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Equipment Service Companies
  • Embedded Application Developers
  • Cloud Based Software Companies
  • Controls & Sensor Companies
  • Systems Integrators
  • Universities and Colleges

Who's Here Already?

The following Oilfield IoT members are collaborating on innovative new projects already – Don’t miss
your opportunity to get in on the conversation and be part of the future of oil and gas!





Upcoming Events

Geospatial Enabled IOT for Oil and Gas Operations

February 13th, 2020
Calgary, Alberta

The Oilfield IoT Consotrium is proud to partner with the Alberta IoT Association, PTAC, and TECTERRA on February 13th, 2020 to bring the Oil and Gas community together in conjunction with the IoT Oil in Gas CANADA event to spawn one or more ecosystem building projects. PTAC’s CDIT (Consortium for Digital Innovation and Transformation) will be presenting a number of common operational issues that could be solved with IoT technology. The goal is to identify a number of technology companies that can collaborate in a standardized way to deliver a solution that could address the presented challenges.

Save the date and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

IoT in Oil and Gas Canada

February 13th – 14th, 2020
Calgary, Alberta

Oilfield IoT Chairperson Mark Scantlebury will host a panel at the Energy Conference Network’s IoT in Oil & Gas Canada Conference on Standardizing IoT for the Oilfield. We are looking for Producer Members to join the panel – if you’re interested, please reach out to Mark as soon as possible. Technology providers may also join the panel if they are sponsoring.

All Oilfield IoT members are entitled to a discount of 15% off registration or sponsorship if your space is secured by October 31st. Please reach out to Dan Gedal for your discount code

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